Garden Sheds & Cottages

Add value to your property with a high-quality shed or cottage.

GIMME BACK MY GARAGE!  Do you have trouble finding enough room to even park your bicycle in your two-car garage because of all the boxes, tools and clutter?

Are you spending $75 per month or more on renting a storage unit somewhere and are hoping that it doesn't get burglarized?  Get your garage back and feel how great it is to actually be able to park your car inside the garage when it is raining outside.

Learn how affordable and fun it can be to have a beautiful and functional Garden Shed built in your own backyard.

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Psst – my wife just told me that my mother-in-law is moving in with us; you gotta help me! Do you need an affordable way to add living space for in-laws, older children or over night guests?

We can design and build beautiful and fully functional cottages, hunting cabins or river/lake cabins on your property.  – Call or simply join our mailing list to receive a fact sheet - it's free of charge!

Easterling Exteriors will help you design a beautiful garden shed that will blend in with your home and landscape.  Big box stores can't offer you this level of  flexibility and design choices.  Give us a call today and get your project started!