Roof Systems

Don't let an old or damaged roof endanger your home and family.

More important than walls and windows, your roof system is your home's first line of defense against the mighty forces of Mother Nature.  Even when she throws her best – wind, sleet, snow and rain; a Roof System designed and installed by Easterling Exteriors will give you many, many years of worry free service.

Your roof is more than just colored asphalt shingles.  It's the things that you don't necessarily see from the ground that makes your roof complete and weather tight. It's the underlayment, the flashings, the proper fasteners, exposures, attention to detail, supervision and the right shingle for the right application.

Unfortunately, there are many folks out there that will sell you shingles and install them for you for a very low price – but, we have seen first hand how those low bidders leave homeowners – more often than not – wishing that they would have invested in a roof system, instead at getting hooked by a low price.  Low bidders, out of necessity, have to cut corners to keep their prices low.  Sadly, the corners that are cut, reduce the life span of the roof and lead to premature roof failure and leaks...

Easterling Exteriors takes great pride in being problem solvers.  First, we take the necessary time to listen to our customers so that we can better understand their roofing problem.  We want to make sure that we can effectively take care of their needs, and make their desires a reality.  Next, we take the necessary time to physically go over your roof and evaluate all its' details and parts.  It is only then that we can confidently provide a solution to the problem.

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