Replacement Windows

High quality windows, professionally installed, save energy and money!

The science and technology that has been applied to replacement windows is simply incredible.

This infrared image on this page tells you everything that you need to know – and what you probably suspected all along – your old windows are costing you tons of energy and MONEY!  Your windows are commonly the least effective area of your home in terms of energy efficiency. 

Old wood or aluminum frame windows easily allow heat transfer in and out of your home due to old, inefficient technology.  One of the most common comments that we hear from our customers is that they can feel drafts through their window openings and they have multiple windows that are fogged up with condensation.  Those are two very big clues that there is something very wrong with their windows.  It's time to take control of your pocketbook and quit throwing your hard earned money "out your old windows!"

We pride ourselves in being problem solvers.  We take a lot of time to sit and talk with our customers to get a clear picture and understanding of their problem.  Our team works tirelessly to find a solution that is within their budget.  Easterling Exteriors and Don Young Windows have formed a unique team that can handle most any residential window problem.  Together, we solve your window problems within budget and help save you real money in energy savings every month!

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